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ZOMG Christmas!

[Here, have an oh-so-excited little Seras eyeing the presents, trying to decide what to open first. She may need some help making up her mind, but be careful, little Seras is a bit of a troublemaker. "A boy snatched a toy from her and she thrashed him with a rock." Imagine what she'd do now that she's a vampire.]

H-how did all this get here?  *__*

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Name: Puppy
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Name: Seras Victoria
Age: Approx. 18 at time of death.
Gender: Female
Fandom: Hellsing
Timeline/Arc: Oh, how about after OVA 4, right before everyone starts dying. I can't remember which chapter it is.

Brief Background: Essentially, Seras grew up in an orphanage as a problem child after witnessing her parents' murder. Following that, she became a police officer, where she was consequently shot through the lung and killed by the Nosferatu Alucard.
Alucard then turned her into a vampire.
She's had trouble accepting her new nature, refusing to drink blood, being reluctant to sleep in a coffin, etc. However, that does not stop her body from gaining much better senses and increasing her strength.
She now works for the Hellsing Organization, protecting London from vampires, ghouls, neo-Nazis, and the Vatican.

Personality: Seras is not your typical vampire. She's a bright, cheerful blonde. A bit stupid, but not to a fault. She's very loyal but she's got her own brand of right and wrong that often clash with Alucard's "Kill Them All" philosophy. She's very protective of everyone around her and does her best to help out. Though Alucard calls her "the lowest of the low," she's still very powerful when compared to humans or ghouls. When angry (which isn't often, unless you grope her or kill her boyfriend), she can rip through a human body with just her hands.
She's also an excellent shot with her inconveniently-large gun, until she tries to show off.

Reduction of abilities: Unless she drinks blood, she'll just continue to get weaker, although the lack of sunlight should help.

First Person Sample:
Ohhh... Owww.... Sir Integra?

[Sits up, rubbing her head, and looks around.]

Oh my. Captain Bernadette? Walter? Master?
Where did everyone go? What happened to London, and the ghouls?

[Here, she looks around again, beginning to panic a little.]

Has anyone seen my Harkonnen? Don't tell me it's turned into this little book.

[Upon the book's mysterious opening, Seras only panics more.]

What's a golem?! What bank account? Lodgings? How am I supposed to get a coffin in this place?!

I want to go home. D:

Third Person Sample:
So, it was official. This city? Really freaky.
And it's not an easy task, freaking out a vampire, even one as timid as Seras Victoria.
The blonde sighed. The place was dark and dusty, and the air felt all wrong. It was all dry and static, not one bit like London.
And where were the sun and the moon? It was all so very unnerving.
After a few moments of watching strange metallic things zip about in the air, the young vampire rose to her feet and brushed off her clothes. It didn't really matter where she was, after all. Only that she find a way home.
People were counting on her.
It came as a bit of a surprise, when she realized it, but Seras was pleased to discover that she was proud to be needed.
She wasn't just a useless fledgling anymore. People really were counting on her. She was the offense, just as Captain Bernadette had said. They would handle the defense, but there was only so much they could do, especially with Alucard missing and Integra off in London somewhere with Walter.
After considering this point for a few minutes, Seras began striding through the city with renewed determination.
She had to find a way home.
And find a way home she would, no matter how many times the attempt would kill her.

((Only 226 D: I'll add more if you'd like, but I can't think right now. Will do Franziska's app tomorrow.))

Anything else: If anyone apps. Pip, I will love them forever. :D

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